“Sattvic & Sumptuous”- Review by Kavitha Srinivasa


We decided to ring in the New Year by visiting ISKCON. After seeking Lord Krishna’s blessings, we headed to the fine dining restaurant Higher Taste (HT) located in the ISKCON premises. HT is a Sattvic restaurant and the concept of Sattvic food reflects Lord Krishna’s message in the Bhagwad Gita. Being the first day of the Year, the restaurant had come up with a lunch buffet, which was more lavish than the regular rotating menu.

We began the meal with a nimbu adraki thanda. This was refreshing and led us to interesting starters like crusty tarts, soft dahi vadas and a bowl of nutritive smoked sundal. Coming to the main course, Indian breads were accompanied by sabzis like the baked paneer lababdar, which was delicious as the paneer was soft and succulent. Shahi Kofta was equally enjoyable, while braised lentils were a healthy option. There was herb rice which was light and flavourful. The small masala dosas were crisp and served with peanut chutney.

As the meal progressed, the place became full and people were waiting outside for their turn. To think of it, it’s not just the Sattvic flavour that draws people to Higher Taste. What makes it worthwhile is that the Sattvic touch has been tempered on to Italian and Mexican dishes with aplomb; and that too, without using eggs, onion and garlic. Full marks to the restaurant for having successfully experimented with various cooking styles and creating a Continental spread.

Some of the dishes like stir-fried vegetables turned out to be better. It was well textured; one didn’t miss the crunchiness of onion or the flavour of garlic. Even a classic Italian creation like lasagna became fully satisfying in the absence of eggs.

Moving on, we headed to the live counter. Some diners treated themselves to a plateful of gobi manchurian, others settled for a warm brownie matched with an assortment of nutty toppings and sauces.

We ended the meal with a dollop of curd rice before we headed to the exhaustive dessert counter. The muffin tree looked and tasted good, and was a hit with the children. Being a Sattvic restaurant, the accent is on wellness. This is why HT concocted baked versions of gulab jamoon and vermicelli. The chocolate fountain became an indulgent dip for sponge cake cubes.

At Rs 650 per head (specially priced), the buffet was worth every penny.

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