Higher Taste Catering Services

Delicious Pure Vegetarian Made to Order

The Higher Taste, Bangalore’s exclusive Sattvik food brand, an initiative of the Devotees of ISKCON Bangalore, now also provides full-service catering. For any special occasion that you celebrate, choose from our extensive Indian and International Sattvik pure vegetarian menu. Our range includes premium fresh cream cakes and baked items, as well as other snack items.

Our Catering Service includes live counters, juice bars, salad spreads and personnel in uniform to make your special event even more memorable. Download our catalogue to see the various options for our Catering Service.

Platinum: Rs. 700 per plate
Diamond: Rs. 600 per plate
Gold: Rs. 500 per plate
Silver: Rs. 400 per plate

For more details contact +91-9342405517 

Terms & Conditions

1. Meals will be charged for children irrespective of their age.
2. Strictly no food other than the ordered food items will be allowed to be served on our plate or our leaf.
3. Separate deposit amount should be paid for vessels taken for service, if delivery is taken by you.
4. All vessels should be returned within 3 hours. Person placing the order will be responsible for the utensils.
5. Order will be confirmed only after making a full payment 2 days prior to the date of delivery.
6. Cancellation of order should be done in person 24 hours before the delivery time otherwise the amount paid shall not be refunded.
7. Ordering, change in menu and cancellation should be done in person only.
8. Minimum order of 50 persons is required.
9. Order should be placed at least 5 days in advance.
10. Delivery and service charges will be extra, according to the order.
11. Bill will be made for the number of persons ordered or the number of persons to whom the food was served, whichever is higher.
12. Excess food will not be packed.
13. Different rates apply for less than 50 members.

Our Clients

1. EYGBS(India)Pvt Ltd
2. Bosch Ltd
3. Amazon Development Centre India Pvt Ltd
4. I I S C
5. R. K. Dubey (Chairman Canara Bank)
6. Ba.Ma. Harish (Kannada film Producer & secretary for KFCC)
7. Taj Vivanta


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