A Gastronomical Journey

Welcome to The Higher Taste - Bangalore's first sattvic food restaurant. Join us on a virtual tour of the restaurant and discover the joy of eating simple, freshly cooked, scrumptious sattvic food. Enjoy our a la carte dishes or devour our specially crafted buffet comprising both South Indian and North Indian dishes.

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Higher Taste: Simple Cooking, Divine Flavours

In the hustle bustle of modern living, one always looks out for a sanctuary of peace. The Higher Taste, a restaurant by ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) Foundation, provides you just that, a perfect retreat with a wholesome multi-cuisine experience. You can walk in here after a soothing visit to the temple and then […]

Icing with Fresh Cream

Higher Taste products are now available at its exclusive stores. Find an array of 100% vegetarian and eggless confectioneries and bakery items such as pastries, cakes in addition to sweets, savories and snacks.

Why eating Sattvic food is good for your well-being

According to the Charaka Samhita, one of the classic textbooks of Ayurveda – persons having the sattvic principle are gifted with memory, devotion, are grateful, learned, free from anxiety, having well-directed and serious intellect and are engaged in virtuous acts.” Ancient yogis believed food to be the creator of life force that sustains our bodies […]

Culinary Wisdom


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