A Gastronomical Journey

Welcome to The Higher Taste - Bangalore's first sattvic food restaurant. Join us on a virtual tour of the restaurant and discover the joy of eating simple, freshly cooked, scrumptious sattvic food. Enjoy our a la carte dishes or devour our specially crafted buffet comprising both South Indian and North Indian dishes.

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Icing with Fresh Cream

Higher Taste products are now available at its exclusive stores. Find an array of 100% vegetarian and eggless confectioneries and bakery items such as pastries, cakes in addition to sweets, savories and snacks.

Why eating Sattvic food is good for your well-being

According to the Charaka Samhita, one of the classic textbooks of Ayurveda – persons having the sattvic principle are gifted with memory, devotion, are grateful, learned, free from anxiety, having well-directed and serious intellect and are engaged in virtuous acts.” Ancient yogis believed food to be the creator of life force that sustains our bodies […]

Why is food traditionally served on a banana leaf?

Eating on a banana leaf is one of the most eco-friendly, discardable food serving arrangements. It decomposes quickly and unlike a metal or porcelain plate, it requires very little washing with water. Plastic plates pollute the environment and are hazardous to animal and aquatic life. This ‘banana leaf experience’ has been redefined by the traditional […]

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